Republican Party Debate, 2008 Presidential Primary

UM-Dearborn Faculty Experts on the 2008 Presidential Primary Debate



History of the Michigan GOP

Martin Hershock, History Professor
Author of an award-winning book on the history of the Republican Party in Michigan.  Currently chair of the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Michigan-Dearborn
Phone: 313-593-5332

Elections and the Media

Trevor Thrall, Assistant Professor of Political Science
An expert in politics and the media. Author of a book and several articles on the topic, Thrall will be available to talk about media coverage of the campaign, campaign advertising strategies, and public attitudes toward the candidates.
Phone: 313-593-5282 

Election and international financial issues

Ilir Miteza, Associate Professor of Economics
Specializes in international finance, monetary and banking issues. 
Phone: 313-204-6407

Arab American issues

Ronald Stockton, Professor of Political Science
One of the principal investigators of the 2003 Detroit Arab American Study, a landmark survey of attitudes and opinions among and about Arabs and Arab Americans in the metropolitan area.
Phone: 313-593-5384

The Presidency

Donald Anderson, Professor of Political Science
Studied and taught numerous courses on the history of the American presidency, especially on the presidential selection process.
Phone: 734-464-8553

Labor and the auto industry

Bruce Pietrykowski, Professor of Economics
Director of UM-Dearbornís Urban and Regional Studies Program.  He teaches courses in labor economics and can discuss the Detroit economy and the American auto industry.
Phone: 313-593-9970

Michigan economic issues

Lee Redding, Associate Professor of Business Economics
Research interests in public policy. Conducts studies on the economy of southeastern Michigan, including the major airports and economic innovation. 
Phone: 313-593-4680