This faculty handbook contains information about policies and procedures affecting faculty at the University of Michigan on the Ann Arbor Campus. It presents helpful resources, describes current practices, and includes information on the organization of the University and its services.

The University of Michigan is a highly complex and decentralized institution. It would be virtually impossible to capture in detail all of the many issues that affect faculty, and to attempt to do so would in most cases duplicate existing resources. With this in mind, the Office of the Provost has attempted to provide a navigation aid rather than a complete text. Existing policies, procedures, and resources are described briefly, and the reader is referred to primary resources for more information. The on-line version of the handbook, described below, has hyperlinks to these resources to improve and facilitate access to accurate and current information.

Keep in mind, the Faculty Handbook is not, nor is it intended to be, official University policy. Official policies are found in the Regents' Bylaws, the Standard Practice Guide (SPG), the bylaws of the schools and colleges, and many of the other documents referenced in the handbook. The handbook is not intended to establish or imply contractual obligations to any faculty group or individual faculty member that cannot be changed or terminated.

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