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For Faculty, the UM-Dearborn Connect system is used to enter final grades for classes, view and print class lists, wait lists, and your teaching schedule.

Click on the UM-Dearborn Connect logo below to login to the system. You must know your User ID and PIN to log on to this system.

System Hours of Operation

6:00 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.

Who can enter grades?

Effective Fall 2004, all instructors assigned to a course will have the ability to enter grades in UM-Dearborn Connect. Previously, course grading was only available to the faculty member who was assigned as the "primary" instructor on a course. It is important that all instructors assigned to a team-taught course coordinate grade entry.

Faculty Grade Summary

Effective December 1, 2008, faculty will be able to view a summary grade sheet for students enrolled in their course(s).  The Faculty Grade Summary page, located on the Faculty Services menu within UM-Dearborn Connect, displays for a course each studentís Midterm/Early Warning grade, the final grade issued by the faculty member, and the grade in Academic History.  The Academic History grade will reflect the final grade, which will include any grade changes submitted by the faculty member.

Grade Submission Dates

Winter 2016

Early Warning:

January 25 - February 26, 2016



April 20- 29, 2016

Summer 2016

Half Term Session I
One Month Session I
Mini Term Session I


June 21 - 28, 2016

Full Term Session
Half Term Session II
One Month Session II
Mini Term Session II


August 19- 29, 2016


Fall 2016

Early Warning:

September 26- October 28, 2016



December 13 - 23, 2016