King-Chavez-Parks Professors Initiative

KCP Visiting Professors Initiative is funded by the Office of Minority Equity, Michigan Department of Education, with matching monies from UM-Dearborn. Funds are provided to invite African-American, Latino American, and Native American faculty or professionals to Michigan campuses; to increase the university's opportunity to recruit underrepresented minority faculty; to increase the number of minority faculty in the university classroom; and, to increase the number of role models available to minority students. It allows units to go beyond what is usually offered in terms of number and nature of courses and to increase minority representation in adjunct faculty. Visiting professors may be appointed for one guest lecture, one day or one week. Requests for longer appointments such as one term or year must be submitted to the Provost by the dean of the school or college.

Provost's Diversity Challenge Grant

Building on the theme of diversity, multiculturalism and pluralism along with the recommendation of the Diversity Assessment Committee, the Diversity Challenge Grant, established in 1995, is designed to help the campus focus on and actualize its commitment to race and ethnic diversity. This grant competition encourages faculty and staff to develop projects beyond those in which units or individuals are currently engaged and should benefit the campus community (students, faculty, and staff). Proposals must address race and/or ethnicity through one or more of the following goals:

(1) to build a greater sense of community at UM-Dearborn;

(2) to improve the campus climate and understanding of race and ethnicity;

(3) to bridge barriers to tolerance and understanding at the school/college/unit and/or campus level;

(4) to link the campus to the broader community we serve.

Proposals are generally reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff during the winter term and grant recipients are notified in May of each year.

Text in Community

Text in Community was developed by a committee of interested faculty, invited and convened by the Provost in 1993. The series, coordinated by the Office of the Provost, engages the campus community in discussions with authors whose writings focus on significant current of emerging issues.