The University of Michigan-Dearborn adheres to the sabbatical leave policies and procedures that are detailed in the University of Michigan Faculty Handbook for Instructional and Primary Staff and the University's Standard Practice Guide which is available in the unit offices. The section below details additional requirements expected of faculty at UM-Dearborn.

Funding for UM-Dearborn sabbatical leaves is the responsibility of the academic unit. It is expected that the dean of the school or college will work with the affected department, as appropriate, to develop contingency plans related to the curriculum or operational demands of the unit. Members of regular instructional staff who have completed six (6) years of service in professorial ranks at the University are eligible for a sabbatical leave. The process is initiated by first completing the Form J, Request for Sabbatical Leave. All questions on Form J must be completed in detail indicating: accurate dates, outside funding sources and amount, purpose of the leave and the specific location where work will be done. Form J must be accompanied by a narrative statement that presents a well-considered plan.

This plan should address the following areas:

a. Purpose and goal of the sabbatical leave
b. Relevance to the discipline, campus, etc.
c. Description of planned activities
d. Anticipated outcomes/accomplishments

Applications should be properly signed by the applicant, chairman, and the dean before submitting them to the provost for processing. Requests for deferment of a sabbatical must be approved by the applicant's dean and by the Provost.Upon completion of the sabbatical a report is due within 90 days.

This report must include the following:

a. Purpose and goals
b. Summary and description of activities undertaken
c. Major accomplishments and outcomes of the sabbatical
d. Relevance to teaching, research, and/or service
e. Related future plans/use; e.g., incorporate in syllabi, special lectures, publication,
etc.; timetable for implementation, publication, etc.
f. Include relevant attachments and submit copies of reports, papers, books, software, etc. as they are published.

Reports to the Provost

The Provost's office should be notified that the sabbatical leave report is on file in the dean's office. At the end of each semester/academic year, a list of individuals should be sent to the provost's office indicating that the reports are on file in the dean's office. The provost's office will then notify Staff Records. The report need not be sent to the Provost unless requested. The dean should provide a summary of the sabbatical leave reports in the unit's annual report that is submitted at the end of the academic year.