1. Exchange, review and discuss each other’s vitae.

2. Get to know each other informally, e.g. having coffee , sharing a meal, going to a local museum together.

3. Take a tour of campus together.

4. Introduce protégé to staff in their department and college.

5. Introduce protégé to campus resources such as the Office of Sponsored Research.

6. Read and comment on protégé’s research project.

7. Exchange and discuss each other’s syllabi and other course materials.

8. Introduce protégé to colleagues with similar research and/or teaching interests.

9. Discuss promotion and tenure expectations and procedures.

10. Discuss priorities and establish both short and long term goals.

11. Go to a Provost’s Round Table together.

12. Visit each other’s classroom and discuss teaching techniques and other issues.

13. Share your own experiences with journal referees and editors.

14. Share and discuss annual review letters.

15. Encourage participation in regional and national meetings and professional associations.

16. Suggest books and articles to read