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Detail Class List

1. Enter the Secure Area.

2. Select the Detail Class List from the Faculty Services menu.

This page displays an alphabetical listing of students in the selected class. Detail information about the student is also displayed.

If you have not selected a term during the current Web session, the Select Term page is displayed first, if a term has been selected, that term is used. If you have not selected a CRN during the current Web session, the Select a CRN page is displayed; if a CRN has been selected, that CRN is used.

You may view only class lists or courses to which you have been assigned as a primary instructor for the selected term. To keep the page from being too long, the system displays only a few student records at a time. To navigate to a different set of student records, you must select one of the record-number links. The words Current Record Set are displayed next to the record numbers currently displayed. A link to this page is displayed on the Faculty Services menu.


Enrollment Counts:

Enrollment counts, including waitlisted counts, are displayed. The information includes the maximum seats, actual seats taken and remaining seats available for the section.

Registration Number:

Sequence number assigned to the student.
To the right of this field, an e-mail icon is displayed so that the instructor can contact the student via e-mail.