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Sending an E-mail to All Students in a Class


1. Enter the Secure Area

2. Click on the Faculty and Advisor link.

3. Select one of the following links:

  • Detail Class List
  • Summary Class List

4. When the Select Term page is displayed, select the appropriate term.

Note: If you have previously selected a term, the system uses that term and does not display the Select Term page. You can change the term using the Term Selection link on the Faculty Services menu.

Please refrain from sending email messages to students enrolled in courses that were taught in the past. Email addresses for these students may be inaccurate or no longer exist.

5. When the system displays the selected page, select the Email class link (located at the bottom of the page). The system launches a new e-mail in your e-mail program with all students in the class who have valid addresses in our system.

Note: When the system launches a new email, please note that all addresses are set up to be sent via BCC (blind carbon copy). This method keeps all email addresses for students private to the receiver. Please be sure to check that your mail server supports this feature.

6. Compose and send the e-mail as usual.

Note: Within the web system, students can also email you. If you are not using your UMD email account, please have your UMD email forwarded. Instructions for forwarding your email can be found on the ITS web site: