Award Criteria

The Honor Scholar Award is presented to the one active undergraduate student per degree program with at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of 90 credit hours earned by the Fall term. Award recognition is also presented to one active graduate student per degree major with at least a 7.0 cumulative grade point average and a minimum of three-quarters of their program completed by the end of the Fall term. The student, selected by the respective discipline faculty, also meets other criteria established by department, school or college including contributions to the discipline through research and service activities such as tutoring, mentoring and leadership in discipline based student organizations.

2004 Recipients


Anthropology: Jennifer Zerweck
Art History: Jacqueline Sharp
Behavioral Sciences: Renee Karczewski
Biochemistry: Nagat Amer
Biology: Hugo Acosta-Jaquez
Chemistry: Stacey Parrish
Communications: Kim Kovelle
Criminal Justice: Robert Manar
Economics: Nasser A. Aljahmi
Englis:h Megan E. O'Brien
Environmental: Science Beth Stockdale
Environmental Studies:Tracy Swatsenbarg
French Studies: Catherine J. Westbrook
General Studies: Karen Biundo
History: Martina Cucchiara
Hispanic Studies: Viktoria K. Horvath
Humanities: Candy J. Tanabe
International Studies: Deana Porter
Liberal Studies: Kimberly Zorn
Mathematics: Michael Dabkowski
Microbiology: Marc Palazzo
Philosophy: Gabriel Mahoney
Political Science William Katz
Psychology: Jillian Beno
Sociology: William Katz
Graduate Program in Applied and
Computational Mathematics: Raymond Sutton
Graduate Program in Liberal Studies: Ellizabeth Schuch


Bachelor of Arts degree in Education : Amy Hodel
Bachelor of Science degree in Education: Teresa Sharkey
Bachelor of General Studies in Education: Lynn D.Campbell-Reyes
Graduate Program in Performance Improvement
and Instructional Design: Jeff McElyea
Graduate Program in Education: Jessica Hughes
Graduate Program in Special Education: Tracey Fink
Graduate Program in Public Administration: Marcus D. Melton
Graduate Program in Teaching: Kelly Roell


Finance: Inna Biletskaya
Financial Accounting and Reporting: Jerusha Walzer
Management: Timothy Davis
Marketing: Michael Serpetti
Graduate Program in Accounting: Armand Gary Begun
Graduate Program in Business Administration: Kyla Merritt
Graduate Program in Finance: David Sobiechowski


Graduate Program in Business Administration
and Industrial and Systems Engineering: James Schneider


Computer Engineering: Michael Pierfelice
Computer and Information Science: Can Zhen
Electrical Engineering : Adam Daniel Shomsky
Industrial and Systems Engineering: Ann Marie Marchuck
Information Systems: Susanne Sommer
Mechanical Engineering: Sammuel Seldon
Software Engineering: Mohammad Azimi-Shanjani
Graduate Program in Automotive Systems Engineering: Mariano Filippa
Graduate Program in Computer Engineering: Anthony Paul Baehner
Graduate Program in Computer and
Information Science: Christine Darmosuwito
Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering: Lance DeVore Slifka
Graduate Program in Engineering Management: Ayca Okan
Graduate Program in Industrial Systems Engineering: Susan Bjoraker
Graduate Program in Information Systems and Technology: Armen Tumanyan
Graduate Program in Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Gary Miller
Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering: Matthew Yule
Graduate Program in Software Engineering: Michael Baker