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In an effort to not box themselves in, job seekers too often fail to provide an objective on their resume. This is erroneous thinking that actually prevents the job seeker from being selected for many interviews, especially if the job desired is not a natural next step after the most recent position. The hiring manager may read very little of the resume, and too quickly make a decision that the job seeker cannot do the job or does not have the skills to do the job. A resume with an objective, written with the hiring manager in mind, communicates capabilities instantly.

A powerful objective can have three parts:

1. The title or function desire
2. The skills that the job seeker brings to the position
3. Plus the results that the employer can expect

An example would be:

A management position in Product Development with a high tech manufacturer, utilizing my proven strategic thinking, organizational and leadership skills to bring new products to market.

Having a hard time writing an objective? Try amending some of the following examples!

1. To obtain a position that will utilize my strong math skills and provide an opportunity to contribute to the success of the company.

2. To work for a growing company where my abilities in organizing events can be used to help reach department goals.

3. To become a top marketing representative in a progressive company with emphasis on product growth and quality.

4. Seeking a full-time position in technical writing where work experience and education would have valuable application.

5. To use my communication, administrative and interpersonal skills in a challenging position in the area of social work.

6. A challenging position and active involvement in a progressive organization offering the opportunity to apply interpersonal skills in Customer Service.

7. Desire a position in computer engineering; interested in software development but flexible on the specific nature of work.

8. Desire a challenging position with growth opportunities in the field of mechanical