Department of Public Safety


Prior to an emergency, prepare an evacuation plan and have it available at all times. If you do not have one prepared, contact the OSEH office at 593-4914 to assist you in preparing one.

The following should be included in the evacuation plan:

1.      Primary and secondary evacuation routes.

2.      Procedures for the evacuation of persons with disabilities.

3.      Designated person(s) familiar with the building and its evacuation plan responsible for meeting with the responding officers.

4.      Pre-arranged meeting point at least 500 feet away from the building.




        WALK, do not run to nearest exit.

        Do not use elevators.

        Assist people with special needs.

        If you cannot return to your building, wait for instructions from Public Safety or another organization in charge.

        Do not re-enter until advised to do so by Public Safety or the OSEH office.


If you are unable to evacuate the building during an emergency due to fire or building damage, call 911 and inform the Public Safety Communications Officer of your location and status.