Department of Public Safety

Vehicle Assistance

If you're experiencing car problems, contact Facilities Management at 593-5270 or Public Safety at 593-5333.  Provide your location (lot letter/number), the make, year, model, color, and license plate number of your vehicle, and the problem.  Lift your hood, if possible, and stand by your vehicle.  Facilities Management and/or Public Safety personnel will respond and try to render assistance.

Vehicle Lockout Assistance   

If your keys are locked in your vehicle, contact Public Safety. A Public Safety officer may be able to open your vehicle.  When you call, give the exact location of your vehicle, make, year, model, color, and license plate number.  Return to your vehicle and wait until an officer arrives.  Before the service is performed, you must present your driver's license and vehicle registration to the Public Safety officer to verify the vehicle belongs to you.  In addition, a signed waiver will be required before attempting to open the vehicle.