Guidelines and FAQ

Who do I contact if I have a question about the event or the nomination process?

Please send an email to Mary Davis, event Co-Chair, at or by phone at 313-593-5151.

Who is eligible to be nominated?

Any regular staff member of the University of Michigan-Dearborn who has completed the six-month probationary period. Nominees may come from any staff job classification. Temporary staff, student staff and faculty are not eligible for individual awards, however, they may be included in team award nominations.

Who can submit a nomination?

Staff, faculty, alumni, and students of the campus community are encouraged to nominate University of Michigan-Dearborn staff members in the award categories indicated below.

How can I nominate a staff member?

Consider nominating a staff member or a team whose members have performed beyond expectations to contribute in a significant way towards the achievement of the University's mission. Simply complete the University of Michigan-Dearborn Staff Recognition Program Award Nomination Form following these guidelines:

  • The online nomination form allows you to choose from the following awards when nominating a staff member.  The online nomination form allows you to attach supporting documentation.  Click here to access the online nomination form. Nominations will be accepted until June 8, 2015, for the following awards:
    • Exceptional Service Award
    • Exceptional Performance Award
    • Outstanding Service to the Metropolitan Community and University
    • Exceptional Long-Term Achievement Award
    • Exceptional Team Award
  • Give specific examples of what your candidate or team has done that meets the award criteria.
  • We encourage you to work jointly with colleagues to nominate an individual or team.
  • No nominee is expected to fulfill all criteria.

All materials submitted will be kept confidential.

Where should I submit my nominations?

Nominations are submitted online. Click here to access the online nomination form.

How are award recipients selected?

The Staff Recognition Committee will select recipients for each award. Selections will be based exclusively on the information provided with the Award Nomination Form.

Special Notes:

  • Any Staff Recognition Committee member who is nominated must abstain from any discussions about and decisions made in the specific category for which he/she has been nominated.
  • Any member of the Staff Recognition Committee who nominates a staff member for an award must abstain from any discussions about and decisions made for that specific award category.

How are award recipients acknowledged?

The recipient(s) of each award will be announced and honored at the Staff Recognition ceremony on July 17, 2015. The recipient(s) in each award category will receive an honorary plaque as well as a monetary award. This award is taxable

Is the nominator responsible for introducing an award winning staff member at the ceremony?

Nominators are not obligated to speak about the person they nominated. If the staff member that you have nominated is the winner of the award, a Committee member will contact one of the nominators to arrange for the introduction of the winner at the event or to discuss an alternate person to perform the introduction.