Fall 2014

ANTH 376 Power and Privilege in SE Mich, Bonnie Halloran

ACC 601 Adv Accounting Info Systems, Kevin Kobelsky

SOC/CRJ 350 Poverty and Inequality, James Gruber

POL 362 Women, Politics, and the Law, Nancy Kursman

LIBR 465 Literature for Children, Danielle DeFauw

SOC 497 Senior Research Seminar, Pam Aronson 

CRJ 476 Inside Out Prison Exchange, Lora Lempert 

POL 323 Urban Politics, Lara Rusch 

SOC/CRJ/URS 435 Urban Sociology, Paul Draus

EDT 210 Tech in Elementary Education, Stein Brunvand

EXPS 220 Science in the Elementary School, Chris Burke

COMP 105 Writing and Rhetoric I, PF Potvin