Facilities Management

Campus Wide Initiatives

  • Ongoing replacement of incandescent lighting with longer life, less energy compact fluorescent lamps throughout campus. 
  • Ongoing replacement of old T 12 technology lamps and ballasts with higher efficiency T 8 technology lamps and electronic ballasts.
  • All roof replacement projects have been redesigned with higher levels of roofing insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • We initiated the idea of recycling synthetic rubber roofing materials instead of sending to landfills.  Vendors have been identified who do this recycling, but the University needs to investigate and audit their process before this action can be taken on future roofing projects.
  • Parking rehabilitation and reconstruction projects have been done in a manner that old asphalt has either been recycled and reused on the job site, or where impractical, the material has been sent to plants that recycle the material for other projects.
  • Preservation of capital and infrastructure:  Ongoing efforts to repair exterior of buildings to extend life and prevent damage from weather.  Extensive repairs to the parking structure have been ongoing for the past 10 years to extend the useful life and to delay replacement.
  • Instituting partial staff participation in 4 X 10 hour work week, thus reducing transportation energy for campus.
  • Participating and assisting with waste audit process for campus.
  • Gasoline containing 10% ethanol is being used in campus vehicles to help conserve natural resources.
  • We are currently looking at other alternative fuels that could potentially be used in campus vehicles such as propane and natural gas.
  • Use high-efficiency filters on vacuums and other floor cleaning equipment to capture microscopic materials that might adversely impact building occupant health or damage sensitive equipment.
  • Reduce consumption by replacing multi-fold hand towels with large rolls and using large single roll toilet paper and hand towel dispensers that hold multiple rolls.
  • Use green seal certified general purpose cleaners.