The Civic Engagement Project hosts many campus events, each of them aiming to help students, faculty, staff and community to learn more about avenues for becoming an active citizen. Descriptions of past events can be found below:

The Four Freedoms

CEP in collaboration with the Student Activities Office hosted an art gallery of 30 art pieces inspired by Normal Rockwell's posters and President Roosevelt's speech.

Civic Engagement Day

On April 14, 2008 the CEP presented this event as an introduction to civic engagement. Those who attended had an opportunity to hear about the many opportunities to become civically involved on our campus and in our communities. This event helped to raise awareness for the CEP office and the many other civic organizations at UM Dearborn.

Constitution Day-ULEAD event

A national holiday, Constitution Day is an opportunity for students across the country to learn more about this dynamic document and how it continues to shape our nation. On Constitution Day 2008, the CEP presented a documentary and discussion on Shirley Chisholm, America's first African-American female congresswoman and presidential candidate. This event was presented in conjunction with the Student Activities Office, who sponsors monthly leadership (ULEAD) events. Students viewed a PBS documentary entitled "Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed," and then discussed the importance of the Constitution in her historic campaign.

The Value of Volunteerism-ULEAD event

Another ULEAD event, the CEP has led this presentation for the past two years. The Value of Volunteerism takes place in January to lead up to our campus' Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Service. Attendees have shared their experiences as volunteers and learned more about the benefits of their service to themselves, their community and their country.This year's presentation PowerPoint can be found here.

MLK Week of Service Book Club

During MLK Week of Service, CEP led a book club-style discussion of excerpts of Paul Rogat Leob's The Impossible will Take a Little While: A Citizen's Guide to Hope in a Time of Fear. Approximately 10 students, faculty and staff partcipated in discussion on five different readings from the book focusing on service and being engaged as a citizen. Attendees spoke about their appreciate for this opportunity to speak about their passions and opinions with their peers.


March 26, 2009 marked the date of the DETROIT event, led by the CEP. DETROIT was an opportunity for attendees to hear about the work their fellow campus leaders are doing in the city of Detroit and what issues they are most passionate about, as well as a chance to discuss what mattered most to them. UM Dearborn students and Alternative Spring Break Detroit participants Haydar Ali, Stacy Boone and Kathryn Yaros spoke about their life-altering experiences volunteering with ASB. MCC Amercorps VISTA spoke the impact of volunteerism on urban mental health and homelessness, an issue that she is passionate about. Academic Service Learning professors Bill DeGenaro and Bruce Pietrykowski spoke about the importance of combining theory and practice, and the need for our involvement in our city. The event concluded with audience discussion about the speaker's presentations and their own passions and interest in the city of Detroit.