The Campus Ambassadors program was formed in 1996 by staff members who completed the first UM-Dearborn Leadership Institute, sponsored by the Office of Business Affairs.  They sought a collaborative approach that would help improve the working environment across campus.  Their vision resulted in development of a representative group that continues to welcome and mentor new staff.

Original founding Campus Ambassadors included:
Patricia Augustine, College of Engineering
Gena Forest, Campus Safety
Randy Frank, University Relations
Donna Hellman, Mardigian Library
Terry Ianni, Sponsored Research
Tiffany Jayme, Budget Coordination
Vivian Ladd, Graduate Studies
Nancy Lemkie, CASL Behavioral Sciences
Judy Modelski, Business Affairs
Renee Moton, Human Resources
Regina Storrs, Counseling & Support Services
Susan Wells, School of Management


To enhance the orientation process for new staff members and provide a positive first impression of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

  • Welcome and personally introduce new staff members to other members of the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus community.
  • Provide a campus tour to familiarize staff members with the campus surroundings.
  • Serve as host to new staff members at a luncheon at the Henry Ford Estate Pool Restaurant.
  • Present each new staff member with informative materials pertaining to UM-Dearborn and the Dearborn area.
  • Serve as ongoing resource and contact persons for new hires.  Invite and offer to accompany new staff members to upcoming meetings, including Staff Senate forums, Chancellor forums and other activities, such as the Campus Picnic.
  • Participate in receptions hosted by the Ambassadors, including a breakfast reception held for new hires to meet UM-D Senior Officers, Ambassadors, and one another.
  • Conduct an evaluation of new staff members to assess the effectiveness of the Campus Ambassadors program.