Shelter Locations

In the event of severe weather conditions, occupants of the following buildings should go to the shelter areas indicated:



Academic Support Center (ASC)

First Floor: Center of the Hallway West Wing

Administration Building (AB)

Interior Hallway or Restrooms

Campus Support Services (CSS)

Restrooms or Locker Rooms

College of Arts, Sciences & Letters (CB)


Computer & Information Science (CIS)

First Floor: Center of the Hallway

Computing Wing (CW)

Interior Hallways

Engineering Laboratory Bldg. (ELB)

First Floor: Interior Hallways or First Floor, Restrooms

Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC)

First Floor: Restrooms

Fairlane Center North & South (FCN & FCS)

Interior Corridors, First Floor, and Designated Shelter Areas Away from Windows

Fairlane Cottages A, B, C


Fairlane Pony Barn 

Evacuate; go to the Computing Wing First Floor Interior Hallways

Fieldhouse/Ice Arena (FH/IA)

Wellness Center

Lower Level Hallway, Center Section

Lower Level Locker Rooms of the FH/IA

Grounds Building (GB)

Evacuate; go to the CSS Restrooms or Locker Rooms 

Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex (HPEC)

First Floor: Restrooms or Evacuate; go to the First Floor ELB Interior Hallway

Institute for Advanced Vehicle Systems (IAVS)

First Floor: Restrooms

Kindergarten Module (KM)

Evacuate; go to the Academic Support Center (ASC)

First Floor, Center of Hallway, West Wing

Manufacturing Systems Engineering Laboratory Bldg. (MSEL)


Mardigian Library (ML)

First Floor: Interior Hallways

Montieth Parking Structure (MPS)

CSS Restrooms

Professional Educational Center (PEC)

First Floor: Restrooms

Recreational & Organizational Center (ROC)

First Floor: Restrooms

Science Building (SB)

Basement: Center of the Hallway

Science Learning Research Center (SLRC)

First Floor: Restrooms and Interior Hallways

Social Sciences Buildings (SSB)

First Floor: Interior Hallways

University Center (UC)

First Floor: Bookstore, Restrooms & Inneroffices

Second Floor: Restrooms & Inneroffices


Listen for the take refuge siren (continuous siren that lasts for 3-5 minutes.)

Persons who are not inside of buildings should go to the shelter location of the nearest building. Do not remain in cars.

Remember... If available, take portable radios and flashlights to the shelter.

Do not leave the shelter area when the siren stops.

Wait for an all clear to be given verbally by public safety