This film series will expose students, faculty and staff to poignant, controversial, and conversation starting films, relevant to leadership.  After each film, moderated discussion will allow all attendees the opportunity to participate by sharing their thoughts and ideas about the film, the broad issues in the film, and leadership.





Saving Face

Wednesday, February 12
5:00 pm
Kochoff Hall B, University Center


A 2012 academy award winner for documentary (short subject), this film showcases the ruined lives of a group of South Asian women. Every year in Pakistan, many people - the majority of them women - are known to be victimized by brutal acid attacks, while numerous other cases go unreported. With little or no access to reconstructive surgery, survivors are physically and emotionally scarred. Many reported assailants, often a husband or someone else known by the victim, receive minimal if any punishment from the state. 




Vegucated a film

Thursday, October 24  

5:00 PM Presentation

House of Maize and Blue, Union at Dearborn

 Join us on Thursday, October 24th at 5 pm as we screen, "Vegucated".  Described as part sociological experiment and part adventure comedy, "Vegucated" follows three meat and cheese loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks.  Lured by tales of weight loss and health regained, they begin to uncover the hidden sides of animal agriculture that make them wonder whether solutions offered in films like Food, Inc. go far enough.  This entertaining documentary showcases the rapid and at times comedic evolution of three people who discover they can change the world one bite at a time.




Forbidden Voices

Thursday, November 14

 5:00 PM Presentation

House of Maize and Blue, Union at Dearborm

Their voices are suppressed, prohibited and censored. But world-famous bloggers Yoani
Sánchez, Zeng Jinyan and Farnaz Seifi are not frightened of their dictatorial regimes. These fearless women stand for a new, networked generation of modern rebels. In Cuba, China and Iran their blogs shake the foundations of the state information monopoly – putting their lives at great risk. 

Barbara Miller’s film FORBIDDEN VOICES accompanies these brave young rebels on their dangerous journey and trace their use of social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to denounce and combat the violations of human rights and freedom of speech in their countries – thereby triggering international resonance by building up enormous political pressure. 

TIME Magazine counts them among the world’s most influential voices. Based on their moving eyewitness reports and clandestine footage, FORBIDDEN VOICES pays homage to their courageous battle.