TYPO3 training manual

Training manual for basic TYPO3 users


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Introduction to TYPO3

Go to: www.umd.umich.edu/typo3
Login using your unique name and Kerberos password.

Click on Page.
Find your unit and department to start working.

Create a new page

Once you are in your department, click on the "Create new page" button.

In the "General" tab, enter a page title, alias and check the "Hide in menu" box (keep hidden until your page is ready to go live).

In the "Extended" tab, select the the appropriate page template and content area template (100% or 70/30).

Add content to a page

Click one of the "Add Content" buttons.
- Normal = middle of the page
- Right = right side of the page, only used with 70/30 page layout

Content Block Layout



Select "Regular Text Element" for the page content type.

In the "Text" tab, add your text and insert graphics using the "Insert Image" button.

All the images are located in the "Filelist".
Find your unit and department and click on a desired image to insert it.

Create a link

Select the word/words that you want to link (as shown) and click on the "Insert Link" button (or right click your selection and click "Make Link".

In the "Insert Link" window, you can make:

- An internal link under the "Page" tab - link to another UM-Dearborn page

- A file link under the "File" tab - link to any file available in the "Filelist", e.g. PDF, DOC, image, PPT etc.

- An external link "under the "External URL" tab - link to a website that ISN'T a UM-Dearborn website

- An email link under the "Email" tab - link to an email

After the link is made, your selection will become blue and underlined.

In case the link doesn't work, you can re-link by right clicking the underlined-blue words and click on "Modify Link". From here, the process is like before.


Upload a file(s) to the "Filelist"

Click on "Filelist", select your appropriate Unit/Department, click on the "Upload Files" button.