Expanded Campus Wide Recycling Program



New Expanded Program

  • Single Stream Recycling
  • What is it?
    • All Recyclables go in one bin- No sorting necessary!
    • Accepts paper, bottles and cans, cardboard, all types of plastic
    • Materials are sorted at a recycling facility
    • Sorted materials are sold and made into new products
  • Why single stream?
    • Wide range of materials accepted
    • Easier for staff and custodians
    • Can Recycle More with Fewer bins


What can be recycled Single stream?? Click here

Pilot Program in UC

UC was chosen as the best location on UM-Dearborn's campus to test out a new single stream program

  • Tested out all the program features
  • Great Success
  • Time to expand the program to all buildings

Office Program Containers

New Mini-Bins
For Trash


New Recycle Bins


Recycle Bins

In Your Office

  • Use the new large trash and recycling bins in the center

    - OR -
  • Empty your mini-bin and desk-side bin into the large containers
  • Custodians will empty large trash and recycle bins

Throughout Buildings

  • Recycling for everyone who uses the building
    • Staff, faculty, students, visitors ect.
  • Look for the new blue bins in hallways, concourse, meeting rooms ect.- Wherever there's a trash can
  • Custodians will empty these bins into dumpster
  • Materials go to Great Lakes Recycling in New Boston, Mi




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