Vision 2020 Reflect. Reimagine. Recreate.

Vision 2020 Strategic Goals and Priorities

Process to Date

Winter 2011 was a semester of broad engagement to develop draft goals and priorities. Throughout
AY 11-12 many faculty, students and staff refined and advanced that work.

  • Almost 500 faculty and staff members responded to a comprehensive survey that addressed teaching, learning research tools and resources, governance, leadership, culture and more.

    Review results here.

  • Forty three students from all four academic units and all levels of study shared ideas in sessions designed to capture ideas on continuous improvement as well as to share their creative visions for UM-Dearborn in 2020.
  • Freshmen and seniors have participated in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).
  • More than 100 faculty and staff participated in small group, facilitated dialogue sessions, focused on articulating key elements of a vibrant, preferred future.
  • Many committed faculty and staff members have supported the work of Higher Learning Commission reaccreditation teams, securing information and evidence from their areas of
    expertise and their academic and service units as part of this self study.

Armed with a better understanding of our strengths and accomplishments, as well as limitations, our strategic and continuous improvement goals were finalized via all campus forums in January 2012. Cross campus teams are implementing actions plans to accomplish the defined goals, engaging the full campus for updates and feedback in Open Forums twice annually. Through this shared work, our mission and metropolitan vision will be further focused and leveraged in service to the university’s commitment to academic excellence.