Small Company Internship Award (SCIA)

The new Small Company Internship Award Program is a result of the newly created Michigan Corporate Relations Network MCRN, a statewide university initiative designed to create partnerships to connect state industry to critical university talent in ways that will help the Michigan economy grow and prosper. Six public universities in Michigan make up the network including Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Wayne State University, and Western Michigan University.

As part of the program, each of the six partner schools receives $25,000 per year for two years (2012/2013) to help students work as interns on projects that are both beneficial to the company and academically relevant to the students. The Business Engagement Center, Dearborn will collaborate with the three university Internship Offices and Career Services to select 10-12 companies to participate in the program. Employers will receive a 50 percent match from M-CRN to assist with program costs. Employers may participate with up to two of the network schools and have up to two interns from different schools across the network.

Definition of Internship Awards:

  • Matching program funded 50% from the SCIA and 50% from the employer
  • The SCIA will fund a maximum of 400 work hours during an established 10 16 week period.
  • The maximum award is $2,800 per intern per application year with a recommended hourly rate of $10 to $14 an hour. Awards are disbursed to the company at the completion of the internship.

Company Eligibility:

  • The company is a small or medium-sized Michigan business, up to 500 employees. Company has significant business operations occurring in Michigan that is focused on innovative work in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. Student interns may come from any academic program.
  • A company may participate with up to two of the network schools and have up to 2 interns from across the network, but no more than one intern per school for each application year. The company must report to its regional MCRN office if it is seeking a second intern from a second MCRN office.
  • The company will follow the school's guidelines for development of the internship job description and promoting the internship to qualified students. The company will conduct interviews, make the internship offer, assign a mentor and provide guidance and performance feedback for the intern.
  • The company agrees to a site visit before and/or during the internship period by a school MCRN representative.
  • Upon completion of internship, company agrees to submit a report outlining the benefits, outcomes, and deliverables gained as a result of internship as well as the destination of the student upon completion of the internship. This information will be included in the final report to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).


Internships run on a semester-long schedule (Fall: September-December, Winter: January-April, Summer: May-August). As SCIA applications are received, a representative from the BEC will connect with the applicants to confirm eligibility and begin the process of matching an intern to the company for the current or upcoming semester. Apply Today!