Laboratory Decommissioning/Commissioning

Principal Investigators/Authorized Users leaving the University of Michigan - Dearborn or moving to a different UM-Dearborn location (another building or lab) must ensure that their vacated labs are free of all chemical, radioactive, and biological materials. All research materials must be removed and disposed of properly. The lab decommissioning must be verified by EHS as ready for re-occupancy or renovation.

Prior to relocating to the new facility, new radioactive materials laboratory locations must be approved by the Radiation Policy Committee (RPC). RSS will notify Authorized User of approval.

Laboratory Staff should contact EHS AT (313)593-0921 four weeks prior to the move to arrange a decommissioning inspection date.

For those Principal Investigators/Authorized Users that are moving to a new UM-Dearborn location or into a UM-Dearborn location for the first time, the laboratory commissioning checklist shall be used to ensure that the space meets the needs of both the PI/Authorized User and EHS.

Laboratory Decommissioning Guideline

Laboratory Commissioning Checklist

Additional Information

Biological and Laboratory Safety Decommissioning Criteria

Laboratory Decommissioning Report

Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form

Radiological Decommissioning Criteria