Post Graduation Employment Statistics

Post Graduation Data Career Services developed a post graduation survey to obtain a clearer understanding of UM-Dearborn students' career goals and achievements following graduation.  In order to report employment, please complete our survey and share your experience with our office.
Based on current 2011 calendar year data, approximately 6 months after graduation, 92% of students have achieved their post graduation goals which may include: obtaining employment, starting a business, attending graduate school, or travel abroad.  In order to learn more about our statistics, including specific information for each unit please review our 2013 Post Graduation Report.

     2013 Post Graduation Destination Report
     2012 Post Graduation Destination Report
     2011 Post Graduation Destination Report
     2010 Post Graduation Destination Report
     2010-2011 UM-Dearborn job and trends information.
     Career Services - Selected Programs and Services

     Abridged List of Companies Employing UM-Dearborn Students

Career Fairs - The job fairs are a wonderful way for students as well as employers to network and interact.  Career Fairs are also an excellent way to find part-time, seasonal or full-time employment.  During the Fall 2012, 76 employers attended Career Fair and Spring 2013, 83 employers attended

   Spring 2013 Career Fair Student Feedback
   Spring 2013 Career Fair Employer Feedback
   Spring 2013 Career Fair Employer List
Fall 2012 Career Fair Employer Feedback
   Fall 2012 Career Fair Employer List
Spring 2011 Career Fair Student Feedback
   Spring 2011 Career Fair Employer Feedback
   Fall 2010 Career Fair Employer List
   Spring 2010 Career Fair Employer List

Student Employee Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Be knowledgeable of and know how to access campus academic support services
  • Apply problem solving, critical thinking and creative thinking skills
  • Be able to explain their team role and specific contributions to the team
  • Be able to discuss campus inclusion and exposure to various cultures
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility and leadership
  • Participate in campus community engagement initiatives
  • Gain career knowledge and workplace skills
  • Develop and practice soft skills

2013 Student Employee Retreat Report
Student Employee Network Partners