Student Philanthropy Council Initiatives


Student Philanthropy Council initiatives seek to address awareness, gratitude, and giving within the campus community.



Dearborn Difference

Dearborn Difference is our key Awareness campaign. A Michigan Moment is something that gives you pride about the campus, or defines your time at the university. Why did you decide to attend/work at UM-Dearborn? What is your favorite memory? Who is your favorite professor/coworker? By asking students, staff, faculty and alumni questions like these, we are reconnecting them with their pride and gratitude towards campus. Responses are posted throughout campus and on the university's social media pages to communicate these messages throughout our campus community.

Tuition Freedom Day

Tuition Freedom Day marks the day in the calendar year where tuition dollars are exhausted and campus runs off of external support from donors and state/federal funding. It is our key Gratitude campaign, with an awareness component. The campus is covered with yard signs with statements about campus finances and donors. Statements include facts about donors, use of finances, and quotes about giving. Students also are given an opportunity to sign a card, thanking a donor who has contributed to campus.  Watch our Tuition Freedom Day video.

Class Gift Campaign

The Class Gift Campaign is our key Giving campaign. Graduating students are given the opportunity to give back to the university that has given so much. The Student Philanthropy Council works with graduating seniors to make a pledge/gift to UM-Dearborn as part of their class gift- $20.14 for the class of 2014!

Your gift can make a difference through The Forever Grateful Scholarship, that recognizes, recruits, provides assistance and encourages the continued progress of fully matriculated students at UM-Dearborn.

Why do our students give?    Seniors, give today!   Print a pledge form.

Service Projects

Each semester, the Student Philanthropy Council coordinates a service project to assist a nonprofit organization in metropolitan-Detroit. These projects embody awareness, gratitude and giving. Council members are encouraged to recognize an area of need in their community, display their thankfulness for the services they provide and give their time and talent to advancing the organization.