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It takes preparation to research and find the best college or university for you. Thinking About Tomorrow is designed to assist you through this challenging process. 

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College Preparation Checklists

10th grade
11th grade
12th grade

Careers and College Majors

Explore college majors, career paths, salary ranges and much more with these in-depth resources.

Listen to current students and Difference Makers talk about their college majors and future career plans on UM-Dearborn's YouTube channel.

Things to Consider

Helpful criteria to select and compare your college choices.  Also, a list of places to start with your research!

Do you know your Student Rights and Responsibilities?

Printable Thinking About Tomorrow

Get College Credit Early

UM-Dearborn offers three programs which provide you with early exposure to higher education (and college credits too): 1) Dual Enrollment, 2) IGNITE  and 3) Summer Enrollment for High School Students.

Tips and Resources

From calculating your finances for college to getting involved in the community - this comprehensive list of resources will be a great asset as you start thinking about tomorrow.

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High School Dual Enrollment
High School Dual Enrollment
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