Office of Metropolitan Impact Winter 2013 Grant Awardees

Community-Based Research Seed Grants 

These seed grants are used to promote research that is developed in collaboration with community partner organizations and/or their clients, $500-$5000.


Hani Bawrdi


Award: $4,830

Summary: This is a proposal for developing a major grant proposal for a systematic and representative oral history depository in collaboration with our Arab American National Museum. The benefits of this project are several fold, not the least of which, is cementing a permanent mutually beneficial working relationship with the AANM. The key aspect of this project is involving the students and faculty of UM-D in rendering a long-term service to our extended communities, scholars across the disciplines, and Arab Americans nationally.


Paul Draus 

Behavioral Sciences 

Award: $6,000

Summary: This project involves working with LEAP(Lower Eastside Action Plan) organization to identify sites undergoing measurable landscape change an individuals initiating or participating in change activities within the boundaries of the Lower East Side, as well as neighbors and residents affected by these changes. 


Sally Howell 

Social Sciences 

Award: $4,985

Summary: This project will record multi-generation oral histories with Muslim families that first arrived in the US before WWII and are from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. These oral histories will be conducted by students in fulfillment of the course requirements for HIST 3634 History of Islam in the US. The interviews will then be posted on the web along with supporting documentation from 20 families. Materials gathered will also be placed in 2 local archives. This project will redress the dearth of sources on this population and trace the religious legacy of a multi-generational Muslim American family.



Tiffany Marra 

School of Education 

Award: $4,970

Summary: The purpose of this proposal is two-fold: to gather data during the district consolidation process and to form a consortium of district members, universities, and community partners that can guide future research around the newly formed consolidated district, Ypsilanti Community School. 


Ahmad Rahman

Social Sciences 

Award: $4,800

Summary: Cyberdad and in the future Twitterdad, will link our participating older UM-Dearborn students with cyber mentors outside academia. It is our intention to involve students majoring and minoring in psychology, sociology and Africana Studies as much as possible. Each mentor will collect data concerning the scenarios which cause their cyberson to contact them for advice. They will be allowed to utilize this data and their experiences in their own academic pursuits.