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Storm Water Online Training Course

Welcome to UM-Dearborn's Storm Water Online Training Course! In order to complete the course, you must watch the storm water training video and complete the 8 question quiz below. We recommend providing an email address in the appropriate field in order to receive a copy of your quiz for your records. Contact EHSEM at (313) 593-5061 if you are experiencing any technical problems.


Storm Water Training Quiz

Storm Water Training

1) Where do the storm drains on the UM-Dearborn campus discharge?*

2) What is the main difference between the sanitary sewer system and the storm sewer system?*

3) The University has a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit and a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP)*

4) What are the only two (2) items allowed to be discharged to the storm sewer?*

5) During construction activities, what method(s) should be used to protect the storm sewer system?*

6) When performing concrete or asphalt work, how should you control the sawcut slurry?*

7) If you have questions about storm water on campus, who should you call?*

8) If you observe illegal dumping down a storm drain, who should you call?*