Are you interested in helping to shape the next leaders in Detroit? 

We are!  

Do you know local leaders that don't see their true potential? 

We do!


We are always seeking partners to join us in investing in the future leaders of Detroit!



In 2013/2014:


We partnered with 20 local nonprofits to place 28 Allies working on different initiatives in the Metro Detroit area. Allies served over 33,000 hours in the Metro Detroit region doing work at various nonprofits and communities! The Allies graduated in early September and are doing amazing things in the Metro Detroit Region. Stay tuned for updates from the brand new Alumni Board of Public Allies Metro Detroit!


This Year:


We grew! This year we placed 32 Allies in 20 local nonprofits. Allies are working on various projects in the region and will serve over 54,000 hours over the course of the next 10 months! Visit us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with what Allies are doing in the community!


Next year:


Our next application cycle to host an Ally will begin in December 2014.


If you would like to host a Team Service Project for the 2014-2015 Program Year or are interested in hosting an Ally for the 2015-2016 Program Year, please fill out the form below.


Be sure to check back for updates!



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