Community-Based Research Seed Grants 

These seed grants are used to promote research that is developed in collaboration with community partner organizations and/or their clients, $500-$5000.


Christopher Burke – CEHHS

Science in Community – Dr. Burke will work on site at Neinas Elementary School in Southwest Detroit to examine the effect of engaging pre-service teachers in an academic service learning project that is meant to prepare them to engage with and cultivate the science agency of elementary students.


Paul Draus – CASL

Restorative Reentry in Detroit – This research will lay the groundwork for a program that utilizes Restorative Practices within the Detroit Reentry Center.  The program will target individuals at risk of repeat incarceration and will help identify the best ways to connect them to restorative networks within their home communities.


Kristen Hill – CEHHS

Pre-service Teachers’ enactment of supporting parents’ family literacy practices – This project is in collaboration with Westwood Community School.  The goal of this project is to help provide pre-service teachers with a skill-set to be culturally responsive and understand and value the home literacy practices of families in high poverty schools and communities.


Claude Jacobs and William McNeece - CASL

Pluralism Project: World Religions in Metropolitan Detroit – This project was introduced to the local community through the Alfred Berkowitz Gallery as a collection of photographs mapping world religions in Metropolitan Detroit. Data based on Metropolitan Detroit community religious sites continues to be collected and is located in the Center for the Study of Religion and Society at The University of Michigan-Dearborn.  These funds will help make this data more accessible to the wider community, especially long-term religious organization community partners.


Lora Lempert – CASL

Michigan CAPPS – The Citizens Alliance on Prisons & Public Spending (CAPPS) program conducts economic research regarding the impact of a growing prison population on the Michigan economy.  By engaging with both CAPPS and the incarcerated communities for which it advocates, this project hopes to meaningfully contribute to the research as well as establish connections between UM-Dearborn students and these marginalized groups.  The engagement of all three entities will result in increased awareness of criminal justice issues and solutions.


Michelle Leonard – CASL

Arab American Marriages and Obtained Relationship Experiences (AAMORE) – The AAMORE research study is aimed at not only providing foundational information regarding Arab American couples’ relationships, but also validating well-known measures of relationship satisfaction within this group.


Richard Robinson – CASL

LGBTQ Community Centers State-Wide Political Alliance – The Community Center Network of Michigan was formed in response to a vacuum of organization and individual leadership on issues important to the LGBTQ community.  This research project will develop specific actionable recommendations for the community partner and opportunities for continued engaged research as well as student intern positions.