Ongoing assessment is a valuable process for determining whether the Dearborn Discovery Core is meeting its undergraduate learning goals. From the results of assessment, important information is gained about how students benefit from general education and how overall undergraduate education at UM-Dearborn can continue to be improved. As a result, UM-Dearborn faculty believe continuous adjustment of the Dearborn Discovery Core as the final step of the general education assessment cycle.


The Assessment Subcommittee of the University Curriculum and Degree Committee currently coordinates the emerging Dearborn Discovery Core assessment program. Discipline and program heads are responsible for providing information regarding general education courses.

The Dearborn Discovery Core includes a three-year review and reporting cycle (excluding summers) for all of its general education courses. What this means is that the assessment component for each category will only need to be reported once every three years. In year four groups of faculty will use the assessment data to analyze the effectiveness of the Dearborn Discovery Core and roll out any program changes in year five.

Below is a detailed listing of the three-year review and reporting cycle:


Year 1

Written and Oral Communication

Quantitative Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical and Creative Thinking


Year 2

Natural Sciences

Social and Behavioral Analysis

Humanities and the Arts


Year 3

Upper-Level Writing Intensive Course


Capstone Experience


Faculty will need to be mindful of the three-year assessment cycle when considering the categories they want their course(s) to be included in. If a course is included in multiple categories there is a possibility that an assessment report will need to be submitted in consecutive years.


Questions about Assessment?



Laura Reynolds, Chief Assessment Officer