Furniture and Furnishings

The Facilities Planning department offers three options for furniture purchases.

  • We offer an online purchasing process for orders of one to two pieces of furniture and your department administrative assistant can help you with this.
  • For multiple pieces or an office suite, we can work with you to design, select, and manage the entire purchasing process.  Room layouts are often necessary to confirm that any changes meet existing fire safety codes and ADA requirements.
  • For new offices or renovations, we can select and facilitate projects with external design consultants and space planners to ensure your needs will be satisfied and met in a timely and cost effective manner.

For assitance with purchasing, selection or if you are in need of existing layouts please complete an AiM Request.

Office Layouts

You may require a new layout for your office or work area when you are doing more than replacing an existing piece of furniture. Layouts are often required prior to moving to a new workspace. The Facilities Planning Project Manager will assist you with any changes that are necessary to redesign your area for aesthetics, ergonomics, work flow, code or ADA concerns. The process begins with an AiM Request.

* University of Michigan's purchasing policy does not allow the use of your P-card for furniture or any item that when included in a facility, might pose a life-safety hazard.