Faculty/Staff Parking Permit


                                      FALL SEMESTER PARKING PERMITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE.


Faculty/Staff Parking Permit

To request a Parking Permit with payroll deduction of your parking fee, complete the Online Parking Permit Application. Your UniqueName and Password will be required to complete the form.  Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  A pre-tax payroll deduction of $6.67 per month or a one time $80 fee will then be made in accordance with the Rate Schedule.  If you apply online by September 7, 2015, your permit will be delivered to your department administrator.  After that date, all parking permits must be picked up in person from the Parking Office.


To request a Parking Permit and pay with cash or check, complete the Parking Permit Application and submit it along with payment to the Parking Office.  Make checks payable to the University of Michigan-Dearborn.


Be sure to check the appropriate box on either form to activate your UMID Card for access to Ann Arbor parking structures, if desired. Please call the Parking Office at (313) 593-5480 if you have any questions.


Retired/Emeritus Parking Permit

To request a Hanging Parking Permit free of charge, complete the Online Parking Permit Application.  Be sure to check the "Retired/Emeritus" box on the form.  Retired/Emeritus Hanging Parking Permits must be picked up in person from the Parking Office.  These types of permits are only valid at the Dearborn campus.