Furniture Repairs & Disposition

Furniture Repairs

If you have damaged furniture or furniture in need of repair, please call us at x3.5045 or submit an AiM Request. In many instances, your furniture may still be under a warranty agreement with the vendor.

Property Disposition

If your department is in possession of unwanted furniture please fill out an AiM Request to have the furniture removed from your area and sent to UMD storage. We, as a facilities team, will make a determination whether or not the furniture is capable to be reused or needs to be disposed of. The Facilities Planning department will send furniture to Property Disposition.

If the items you need to have disposed are considered to be “hazardous” such as computers, printers, or other electronics your department is responsible for filling out a Declaration of Surplus form and Facilities Planning will contact EHSME to have the equipment removed and disposed of properly and safely.