Graduate Guest Policies

Graduate students at other colleges and universities can be permitted to take UM-Dearborn graduate courses without being formally admitted to a graduate degree program.

There are several ways a graduate student at another institution can take graduate courses as a guest student at UM-Dearborn.  Please read the section that best applies to you.

The following policies apply to Guest Students applying for graduate programs at the University of Michigan-Dearborn:

  • A transcript, diploma, or other proof of a bachelor's or master's degree earned at an accredited institution is required for admission.
  • Guest students must obtain instructor and/or program director approval for each course they wish to elect.
  • Guest students must also obtain approval from their advisor in the program in which they are currently enrolled or admitted.
  • Prerequisites, grading standards, class assignments, and attendance requirements of a course apply to all students in that course, including guest students.
  • Colleges, departments, schools, and programs determine rules of access to their courses and may limit enrollment of guest students in certain courses.
  • Graduate guest students are not eligible for most sources of financial aid from UM-Dearborn. 
  • Guest admission is for one term only. Students who wish to enroll in a future term as a guest student must submit another application.

Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Study (MIGS) Program

The University of Michigan participates in the Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Study (MIGS) program. The MIGS Program creates exchange possibilities for graduate students currently enrolled in Michigan universities. Students in good standing at one institution may take advantage of course and research opportunities offered at another institution, provided that such opportunities are not available on the home campus. Students in master’s or specialist degree programs may enroll for six hours at a host institution while doctoral students may enroll for up to nine hours. 

MIGS Application Form (PDF)

Grades earned in coursework transferred from another university through the MIGS program will be calculated into the student's graduate program GPA at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

General Guest Students

Students who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited institution, are currently graduate students attending another institution and wish to take graduate courses not necessarily leading to a UM-Dearborn degree, and who cannot participate in the MIGS programs (described above) are considered general graduate guest students.  Prospective guest students should contact the academic unit for the correct application or for further information.