How to Apply

Congratulations on your decision to apply to the University of Michigan-Dearborn!

We serve highly motivated candidates whose accomplishments suggest the ability to successfully complete a rigorous program of graduate study. Applicants are evaluated not only for academic ability, but for career goals and overall "fit" for their selected program of study. Applicants should carefully review the available graduate programs and choose one that is most appropriate for their future goals.

Basic admission requirements and application deadlines vary by program. Note: not all programs admit for every term. 

Effective September 2015: An applicant may only apply to one program at a time. After an admission decision is made on the first program, the student can apply to one other program, but will have to submit a new application and fee. 

How to Apply

  • All degree-seeking applicants applying to a graduate program for the first time can use the online portal. Students seeking readmission or just interested in taking a few classes should not complete this application. 

    To start your application, create or enter login details and follow on-screen instructions. Note: the application does not need to be completed all at once. Your login and password will allow you to return at a later date. It is important to remember your login information so you can later check your application status online. Be sure to review the Tips section at the bottom of this page as you start the application process. 

    Submission of an online application requires payment of a $60 application fee. The application fee is nonrefundable and cannot be credited toward tuition or any other fees.The application fee can be paid by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover). 

    Note: It is vital that your complete legal name (as shown on a driver's license or passport) is included on all materials submitted to ensure proper matching of supporting documents to your application. 

  • General instructions (though some programs may have other guidelines): Please describe your post-graduation career plans. How will your education, experience, and development to date help support those plans? How will this graduate program help you to attain your goals? Preferred length is around 500 words.

    Statements may be entered directly into the online application or can be separately emailed as a Word document or PDF to (This email should be used only to submit admission materials. Please email with any questions or to receive a reply back).  

  • Complete your portion of the required form and share with your recommender(s). Please contact your program if you have questions about who to ask to complete your recommendations. 

    Your recommender(s) will then need to email or mail the completed forms and accompanying letter of support directly to Graduate Admissions.  

    The number of recommendations required by college is listed below.  If you do not know where your program of interest is housed, please review our graduate programs offered by college

    • College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL): 3
    • College of Business (COB): 1 
    • College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS): 3
    • College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS): 2 for master’s level; 3 for doctoral level
  • Two-page limit for master's applicants; Four-page limit for doctoral or specialist applicants. Please include education information; work experience; research, teaching, or internship experience; professional affiliations, volunteer activities; community engagement; and relevant honors or awards.

    Please email as a Word document or PDF to (This email should be used only to submit admission materials. Please email with any questions or to receive a reply back). 

  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended must be provided.  An official transcript is securely sent directly from the institution via their approved means or received in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution, bearing the institutional seal and the official signature of the Registrar or Recorder of Records. Academic records provided must show the course work completed and grades or test scores earned. 

    Send transcripts or drop off in person to: 
    Office of Graduate Studies 
    4901 Evergreen Road
    1055 Administration Building
    Dearborn, MI 48128-2406

    If the institution you attended uses a third party transcript service that sends transcripts electronically, use the email address of: Online submission of transcripts can only be sent directly from the institution. Transcripts sent by the applicant via email will be considered unofficial and cannot be used for admission purposes. 

    International Academic Records

    In cases where the original document is in a language other than English, a version in the native language AND an official English language translation must be provided. We ask that you do not send your copy of your original transcripts for submission.  Materials received by the university for admission purposes will not be returned to you. For more on international transcripts, see the graduate applicant section of the International Academic Records page.  

    If your institution issues individual marksheets/gradesheets, we require official or institution-attested, individual marksheets/gradesheets for all semesters attended sent by mail. If you are requesting institution-attested materials, these documents must arrive in an envelope sealed by the institution. Unsealed attested documents are not official.  Notarized copies are NOT official.

    Please note: International transcripts will require an additional evaluation, which will appear in your checklist as "UM-Dearborn Transcript Review". Outside evaluations are not accepted. If further items are required to complete this evaluation, you will be contacted directly.

    Current or Previous UM-Dearborn Students

    If you are a current or prior student of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, you can authorize the Office of Enrollment Services/Registration and Records to release your transcript(s) for the purpose of graduate admission consideration by simply checking the appropriate box on the online application.

  • To find out if your program requires a standardized test, please review the admission requirements page.  Test scores more than five years old will not be accepted. 

    We advise use of your legal name as stated on your passport or birth certificate when registering for any standardized test and when completing the online application. If your name does not match exactly, there will be a delay in matching your test scores to your application data. Score minimums are established by each graduate program.

    Please note: In cases where a standardized test is not a program requirement, submission of test scores is optional.  If received, we will include them as part of the application review. 

    GRE Scores

    Our ETS Institution Code for GRE registration is 1861. Individual department codes are not necessary for the GRE.  As long as the institution code is used, your scores will be electronically delivered to us.  

    GMAT Scores

    Our GMAC Institution Code for GMAT registration varies by program. 

    • MS in Supply Chain Management: 1V5-HP-71
    • MBA: 1V5-HP-19
    • MBA, Distance: 1V5-HP-50
    • MBA\MS in Engineering, Dual Degree: 1V5-HP-45
    • ​MBA/MS in Health Services Administration, 
      Dual Degree: 1V5-HP-56
    • MS in Accounting: 1V5-HP-06
    • MS in Business Analytics: 1V5-HP-93
    • MS in Finance: 1V5-HP-12​
    • MS in Management Information Systems: 1V5-HP-38​​

International Students

Additional documentation is required for international students. Please review the sections below for further information. 

English Language Proficiency 

Non-native English speakers are required to demonstrate English language proficiency. Scores must be less than two years old. Review our Graduate English Language Proficiency Requirements for full details.

Financial Documentation

Please note that admitted international students in need of an F or J student visa must submit certification of financial resources adequate to provide for all expenses while attending. The Financial Affidavit and Bank Certification forms are not needed for your admissions application to be reviewed.  However, if received and you are admitted, our office will forward these on to the Office of International Affairs (OIA).  The OIA Office manages I-20 and DS-2019 Form Processing.    

Helpful Application Tips

    • Current UM-Dearborn Students: Be sure to create a new LoginID and PIN in the admissions portal. Applications created with current student login information cannot be returned to or monitored. 
    • Social Security Number: You social security number is optional, but important to provide to help us match your application with financial aid information and test scores. If you do not have a social security number, leave this space blank.
      Name: We advise use of your legal name as stated on your passport or birth certificate. The name you provide will appear on all official university documents and on visa documents, where applicable. Be sure to list your former names and/or variations of your name which may appear on any of your supporting documents.
    • Address: Be sure to notify us of any changes in your address after completing this application.
    • Residency: Please read the University of Michigan Residency Classification Guidelines before completing this section.
    • Education: List all post-secondary institutions attended (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, vocational, technical school or college) and degrees received or expected in chronological order.
    • Prerequisites: Provide the institution attended, course number and date taken for courses that satisfy admission prerequisites for your intended degree program if applicable. 
    • UMID: If you have attended a University of Michigan campus, you may have an 8-digit UMID. Paper applications only: Providing this information on the application will help the process of appropriately matching your records.