Basic Admission Requirements

Are You Qualified to Apply?

All graduate applicants are required to meet the following minimum requirements for admission: 

Additional Requirements

Additional requirements vary by program. A summary of basic prerequisites (i.e. undergraduate degree or major required, any academic standardized test scores, prerequisite courses, work experience or other credential that might be required) can be accessed by clicking on the college where your program is housed below.  If you are not sure where a program of study is housed, please explore our programs by college.  

Regular admission is granted to applicants who satisfy all admission requirements and who have been recommended for admission by the program to which they have applied. An official transcript (i.e. one bearing the official seal of the school and the Registrar's signature) indicating award of the bachelor's degree or equivalent must be received for a student to have regular admission status.

Under certain circumstances, conditional admission may be granted to applicants who do not satisfy all admission requirements. Some examples: an admitting graduate program may require a student to complete a prescribed set of courses with stated minimum grades within a specified number of terms or to maintain a stated minimum grade point average for a specified number of credit hours or prescribed courses. Allowable conditions may vary by program.