Hiroshi Morihara, í64 CECS

Hiroshi MoriharaHiroshi Morihara, Ph.D., is president, chief executive officer and founder of HM3 Energy, Inc. Hiroshi graduated from UM-Dearborn with a bachelorís degree and later from U-M with a masterís degree, both in mechanical engineering. He then went on to earn his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from University of Buffalo in 1971.

Hiroshi has many years of corporate experience after working for Union Carbide Corporation for over 20 years, where he served as project manager, international manager of new projects and co-authored many U.S. patents. He served as president of American Peptide Company in the early-1990s and as chairman and CEO of Peninsula Laboratories from 1995 to 2000. During his tenure, the companies developed numerous peptide and immunology products for drug development, and won several National Institutes of Health grants.

In 2007, Hiroshi founded HM3 Energy, Inc. out of concern about global warming and U.S. dependence on fossil fuels for energy. HM3 Energy since has developed a process to turn cellulosic biomass into clean energy to replace coal in coal-fired power plants. The recipient of two small business and environmental awards, HM3 Energy is expanding with the design of its first small plant in central Oregon.

Outside of his numerous professional accomplishments, Hiroshi has been involved in community advocacy and served as president of the Mt. Hood Community College Foundation. He also was voted Greshamís Citizen of the Year in 2006. He currently serves as a member of the steering and allocation committees for Bridges to Housing, a greater Portland program to house the homeless. In his spare time, Morihara enjoys working at Mt. Hood as a part-time professional ski instructor on winter weekends and hiking in Oregonís beautiful mountains, or playing golf in warmer weather.

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