Guidelines to Set Email Forwarding for Zimbra Accounts

Graduates of UM-Dearborn have free, indefinite forwarding from their campus email account address, but access ends two semesters after graduation (ex. If you graduated in December 2010, your email will expire after Summer 2011 semester).

To To avoid loss of future emails, it is important to set your Zimbra account to forward to your personal email address.

1.    Open up your internet browser and navigate to

2.     Enter your username and password and click “Log In”

3.   Once logged in, find the tabs bar located directly above the inbox listing. Click on “Preferences”

4.    Once on the Preferences page, you will be directed to the general page. Find the tab labeled “Mail” located directly right of “General” and click on it.

5.    Scroll down the page to the section with a heading of  “Receiving Messages.” Enter the personal email address that you would like emails forwarded to in the text field located underneath “Forward a copy to:”

6.    Once your email has been entered, scroll back to the top of the page and click “save” in the upper-left hand corner

Your Zimbra account is now set to forward emails. Once you are finished, be sure to log out of the system. Be safe and set your account today.

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 313-593-5131 or with any questions on how to set your email forwarding.  If you do not have an active UM-Dearborn email account and need more information on how to have it reactivated or to obtain an account, contact the ITS Accounts Office at 313-593-3274 for assistance.