What do the terms "leadership gift," "nucleus fund," and "quiet phase" mean?

Leadership gifts are inspirational, stretch gifts from major donors who help set the pace in the early stage of a campaign.  The early stage of a campaign is referred to as "quiet" because the campaign goal has not been announced publicly.  The nucleus fund comprises all gifts made to the campaign prior to the public announcement of the goal.

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Did UM-Dearborn formally announce its fundraising campaign publicly with U-M on November 8, 2013?

We participated in kick-off activities but have not formally announced our own campaign goal yet.  UM-Dearborn recently completed its campaign feasibility study and began the leadership gifts ("quiet") phase of its campaign.  The success of this campaign and beyond is dependent upon thoughtful and thorough foundational work in this initial phase.  Once campaign momentum has been firmly established with a robust nucleus fund, UM-Dearborn will formally announce its campaign goal and enter into the next, more public phase of its campaign.

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If someone were to make a gift to the UM-Ann Arbor Victors for Michigan campaign, will it count toward UM-Dearborn's campaign goal and benefit the university?

No. Only gifts designated specifically for the Dearborn campus will benefit Dearborn students and count toward UM-Dearborn's priorities and goals. If a gift is intended for UM-Dearborn it must be designated specifically for UM-Dearborn at the time of the gift transaction. Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 313-593-5130 for guidance.

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Where is UM-Dearborn in its campaign process?

UM-Dearborn is in the quiet stage of its campaign.  Each school/college at U-M, UM-Dearborn, UM-Flint, the health system and other units are all at different phases in the campaign process.  It is not uncommon for the flagship campus to go public with an overall campaign goal while its colleges, units and regional campuses go public at later dates.

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When will UM-Dearborn formally go public with its fundraising campaign?

Campaign goals are typically announced when 35-50 percent of the projected goal has been secured in the nucleus fund.  UM-Dearborn will formally announce its campaign goal and enter into the next more public phase of the campaign when it has reached this milestone, projected to be in late 2014 or early 2015.

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How much does UM-Dearborn expect to raise during its campaign?

A working goal between $50 and $60 million has been established.  This goal will be refined in the coming months, based upon the amount in the nucleus fund.

UM-Ann Arbor announced its campaign goal on Nov. 7, 2013.

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What type of events will UM-Dearborn be hosting on its campus in conjunction with the campaign?

The university will be hosting a series of events for various, targeted audiences to showcase the excellence of its students and faculty.  Events of this type are common during campaigns to inspire donor interest in supporting the campaign priorities and to celebrate campaign progress.

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How long is the Victors for Michigan campaign expected to last?

The U-M campaign is expected to run through 2018 and may extend into 2019.

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Have UM-Dearborn's campaign priorities been identified?

Campaign volunteers and campus leadership are still working to finalize specific campaign goals, however the following funding priorities have been established as campaign pillars:

  1. Student support (for access and affordability)
  2. Program initiatives for student success and community engagement
  3. Learning environments for student success and community engagement
  4. Faculty support for student success and community engagement

A working goal between $50 and $60 million has been established.  This goal will be refined in the coming months, based upon the amount of the nucleus fund.

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Will donors, foundations and corporations be contacted now to support the campaign?

Yes. The institutional advancement team has begun the leadership gift process and will continue to work on securing inspirational gifts for the campaign. Gifts of all sizes, for all purposes on the Dearborn campus, and from all types of donors will contribute to the success of the campaign.

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Will UM-Ann Arbor distribute some of its campaign gift funds to UM-Dearborn?

No. Unless a gift is designated for UM-Dearborn, it will not benefit our campus or be counted toward our campaign goals.  If you are contacted by any U-M (Ann Arbor) development officer, please be sure to let the individual know of your particular interest in supporting UM-Dearborn's campaign specifically.  Staff from both campuses may work together on some gift opportunities, based upon donor interests and preferences.

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Can I make a gift to the UM-Dearborn campaign today?

Absolutely . . . and thank you!  Please contact the UM-Dearborn Office of Institutional Advancement at 313-593-5130 or a college development officer.  Your gifts today will be included in UM-Dearborn's overall campaign goal.

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