CASLís six interdisciplinary departments reflect the full range of the liberal arts and sciences, with related fields grouped together to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching and research.

> Behavioral Sciences: the study of human beings as individuals, in groups, within societies, and across cultures.

Anthropology | Behavioral Sciences | Health Policy Studies | Psychology | Sociology

> Language, Culture and Communication: the study of the development, structure, and use of language in rhetorical situations and cultural contexts

Communication | Comparative Literature | Composition and Rhetoric  | Linguistics | Modern and Classical Languages

> Literature, Philosophy & the Arts: the study of written and visual texts in the expression of human thought and emotion

Art History/Applied Art | English | Humanities | Music | Philosophy

> Mathematics and Statistics: the study of numbers in both pure and applied contexts

Undergraduate Program | Graduate Program

> Natural Sciences: the study of the natural world, both living and non-living

Biochemistry | Biological Sciences | Chemistry (ACS Certified) | Chemistry (Instructional) | Earth Sciences/Geology | Environmental Science B.S. | Environmental Science M.S. | Environmental Studies | Microbiology | Physics

> Social Sciences: the study of the economic, social, and political organization of human societies over time and in space

Economics | History | Political Science | Social Studies | Urban and Regional Studies | Geography | Institute for Local Government