The Curriculum

Required Core Courses (9 hours)

CRJ 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ 468 Criminology

    Plus one course from the following:

CRJ 363 Criminal Justice Systems and Policy

CRJ 480 Applied Criminal Justice Theory

CRJ 489 Law, Crime, and Society

Special Topics in Criminal Justice (3 hours)

CRJ 467 Drugs, Crime, and Justice

CRJ 470 Current Issues in Criminal Justice

CRJ 472 Correctional Systems

CRJ 473 Race, Crime, and Justice

CRJ 474 Cyber Crimes

CRJ 475 Digital Evidence

CRJ 483 Justice, Crime, and the Environment

CRJ 486 Criminalistics: From Crime Scene Investigation to Justice

Ethics (3 hours)

CRJ 240 Ethics

CRJ 303 Justice

CRJ 308 Moral and Political Dilemmas

CRJ 363 Criminal Justices Systems and Policy

CRJ 445 Seminar in Contemporary Ethical Theory

CRJ 482 Legal Ethics

CRJ 490 Topics in Criminal Justice

Social Justice (3 hours)

CRJ 322 Psychology of Prejudice

CRJ 323 Urban Politics

CRJ 350 Poverty and Inequality

CRJ 369 Civil Rights Movement

CRJ 403 Minority Groups

CRJ 423 American Social Classes

CRJ 435 Urban Sociology

CRJ 443 Gender Roles

CRJ 455 Immigrant Cultures and Gender

CRJ 461 Cops and Cons: Women in Prison

CRJ 466 Drugs, Alcohol, and Society

CRJ 467 Drugs, Crime, and Justice

CRJ 476 Inside Out Prison Exchange

CRJ 483 Justice, Crime and the Environment

Law and Society ( 3 hours)

CRJ 302 Theory of Law

CRJ 316 American Judicial Process

CRJ 335 Philosophy of Law

CRJ 362 Women, Politics, and the Law

CRJ 413 American Constitutional Law

CRJ 414 Civil Rights and Liberties

CRJ 416 Criminal Law

CRJ 453 Sociology of Law

CRJ 471 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

CRJ 489 Law, Crime, and Society

Human Interaction & Social Control (3 hours)

CRJ 325 Psychology of Interpersonal Relations

CRJ 382 Social Psychology

CRJ 407 Psychology of Adolescence

CRJ 421 Group Processes

CRJ 440 Abnormal Psychology

CRJ 446 Marriage and Family Problems

CRJ 447 Family Violence

CRJ 465 Deviant Behavior and Social Disorganization

CRJ 469 Juvenile Delinquency

CRJ 480 Applied Criminal Justice Theory

Research Methods (3 - 4 hours)

CRJ 300 Political Analysis

CRJ 383 Introduction to Statistics

CRJ 410 Social Research (4 cr. hrs.)

CRJ 425 Lab in Social Psychology (4 hrs.)