Link to CASL Degree Requirements


The major: Students wishing to major in Women’s and Gender Studies must take Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies plus 27 credit hours of upper-level courses made up of the following components: 

  • Women’s and Gender Studies Foundations (3 hours)

One of the following: Feminist Theories or Feminist Philosophy 

  • Curricular focus areas (12 hours)

Two courses from each of the following focus areas in WGS: “Gender Culture and Representation” and “Gender and Social Institutions.”  A complete list of these courses is found in the current Undergraduate Announcement and is available from the WGST director.

  • Capstone Experience (3 hours)

Students can fulfill the capstone by taking  the WGST Internship, WGST thesis, or a specially-designated capstone course.  

  • Electives (9 hours)

Students can fulfill the elective requirement with at least 9 credit hours in any 300/400 level Women’s and Gender Studies courses. 

Students must also complete two upper-level cognate courses in a discipline outside of WGST. For students who choose to double-major, these could be two courses in your other major.

A double-major in WGST is also possible, and many of our students pursue this option. 

The Minor: Students wishing to minor in Women’s and Gender Studies must take a total of 15 credits in WGS: Introduction to WGS and 12 hours of 300/400 level WGS electives.  The program also offers a certificate to all students who complete the requirements of the minor, including post-baccalaureate students.

“Women’s and Gender Studies has opened my eyes to the experiences of people in many different groups and has provided me with an analytical framework that is useful in my academic as well as personal life.”  
-  Jennifer, Women’s and Gender Studies double-major in psychology