College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

Center for Mathematics Education

The Center for Mathematics Education seeks to provide professional development for classroom teachers (K-12) of mathematics that is long-term, sustained, collaborative, school-based, linked to curricula, and focused on student learning.  The professional development sessions emphasize a deeper understanding of the mathematics the teachers teach and best practices for teaching that mathematics.

Much of the Centerís work is in collaboration with intermediate school districts (ISD). The Center partners with mathematics consultants at the ISD on the content and delivery of the professional development and the sessions are often held at the ISD. Sessions are frequently delivered as courses that may be elected for credit or for Michigan State Board of Education continuing education units (SB-CEUs).  Typically the courses meet for five 6-hour school days spread out over three to five months.  The calendar is designed to accommodate school districts and teachers.  In this format, the courses carry two hours of graduate credit.  Tuition for these courses is at a reduced rate. Thanks to the efforts of the Center and its partners, it is meeting its goal of being a primary source for teachers and districts, and impacting classroom learning environments and student achievement.  Many teachers with an elementary certificate have been able to obtain an endorsement in mathematics on their certificate through the credit courses offered by the Center.

The Center also collaborates with the mathematics education faculty at the University of Michigan-Dearborn as they provide an undergraduate program for people working to obtain a teaching certificate and a graduate program for certified K-12 teachers. The latter is part of a Master of Arts in Education degree with a specialty in Mathematics Education Enhancement and Leadership.