When to see an Academic Advisor

Times To See an Academic Advisor

  • Orientation
  • Every fall semester, some majors require faculty academic advising prior to registration. Watch your UM-Dearborn email for registration hold information and how to be released from hold to register. 
  • Freshman year to draw up a yearly plan with a CASL professional advisor, to make sure you have a timeline for graduation.
  • If you are "deciding" your major, meet each semester with a professional CASL Advisor. *See "deciding" student
  • At least once a year, check in with a CASL professional advisor to update your yearly plan.
  • At 85 hours, meet with a CASL professional advisor to review your senior audit for graduation.

30 minute appointments are available daily. Call (313) 593-5293 or stop by 1039 CB to schedule. During peak advising and registration times, and the beginning of each semester, the advising office moves to walk-in advising hours. When offered, these advising sessions are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis. Quick question may be emailed to casl-advising@umd.umich.edu .

Additionally, CASL Faculty Major Advisors are available. Click here for faculty list.

Learning Outcomes of Academic Advising

1.    Decide (with a CASL Professional Advisor):

a.  General Education Course options

b.  On a balanced schedule that will work for you

c.  Possible major pre-requisites

d.  Discuss use of Upper Level hours (second major, minors)

e.  Discuss use of electives (co-op, internships, study abroad)

     1.  Meet with a faculty advisor if required in your major each fall semester

2.    Discover:

a.    Policies and Procedures

b.  Academic Calendar and drop/add deadlines

c.   Resources for academic success

d.  Class Schedule and Degree Works 

e.  Hours completed toward degree (determines registration date)

3.    Design:

a.  Create and keep a weekly study plan (14 credit hours x 2 = 28 study hours/week)

b.  Build a network of peers, instructors, and advisors. Join a student organization and attend on-campus events.

c.  Write out a class timeline yearly for a timely graduation