Mission/Goals/Our Staff

The goal of CASL Academic Advising is to help you shape a meaningful liberal arts education. Your educational development is a process. As each year ends, you should reflect on your academic growth and success, re-evaluate your goals, and develop ideas of what to add to your experience. A yearly advising appointment will keep you on track. 

Newman LSA Academic Advising Center Syllabus 7/30/2007

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Academic Advisors

Karen Wittkopp Director klwitt@umich.edu
Marlene Dupre Assistant Director mdupre@umich.edu
Lisa Andrews   andrewsl@umich.edu
Susie Gassel   sgarvey@umich.edu
Anita Miller   anitawm@umich.edu
Marie Shearer   mshearer@umich.edu
Jesse Stanghini   jstanghi@umich.edu
Giannina Wilson   gfwilson@umich.edu

Support Staff

Frances DeYoung Academic Records Assistant Immediate frogette@umich.edu