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Students applying for internships are juniors and seniors with a minimum grade point average of 2.5, who have expressed interest in working at a particular placement site. An organization should expect students to contribute to daily functions, as well as to special projects. While some gofer work is expected, it should not dominate the intern's assignments. The internship should be a learning experience. 

Mentors are asked to evaluate students' progress and performance each term, and to write a letter of recommendation reflecting their assessment of the intern's contributions and qualifications for future employment. The content of this letter is, of course, entirely up to the mentor, but for suggestions, click to view a list of qualities past mentors have valued in interns (PDF). You may also click to view a list of qualities students value in mentors (PDF).

If you are interested in participating as a mentor in our program, please follow the link to our information packet, or call our office, 313-593-5136, to request a packet by email, fax, or hard copy. Once we receive your responses, including a list of duties an intern might be expected to perform, we will create a file and a link to your website so that students may consider applying for an internship with your organization.

Below is information that we send to mentors each semester.

Forms for Mentors

placement_info (PDF)

Placement Information Form

Mid-Term_Evaluation_Backup_file (PDF)

Mid-term Evaluation Form

Final_Evaluation_back_up_file (PDF)

Final Evaluation Form