What's a "Seminar"?

A seminar is a small class -- in this case, no more than 25 students -- with lots of classroom discussions.

Do these seminars fulfill any requirements?

Yes, each meets one (or more) of the distribution requirements for students in CASL and for most students in the College of Business.

Are they only open to first year students?


So I need to register for one of these in the Fall I enter or forget about it forever?

Yes, that's the deal.   We will have 4 sections in Fall 2014.

I'm in the Honors Program. Can I take a seminar?

The bad news is, unfortunately, no. But the good news is that you'll be part of a learning community in the Honors Program with small classes and lots of interaction with faculty.

Is each seminar paired with a COMP 105 course?


I placed into Comp 106. Can I take a seminar?

Sorry, no. Since the seminars are linked with sections of Comp 105, you must have placed into that course to take a seminar.

How many seminars are there to choose from?

Several, my friend. Check the links to the left.