Faculty and Staff


Allison, Rayne
Assistant Professor of History

Brooks, Lee
LEO Lecturer II, Composition

DeGregorio, Scott
Associate Professor of English

Javed, Arifa
LEO Lecturer II, Sociology

Lachance, Michael
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Joseph Lunn  (medical leave)
Professor, History

Moran, Gerald
Professor of History
Director of the Honors Program

Anna Muller
Assistant Professor, History

Potvin, PF
LEO Lecturer III, Composition

Liz Rohan
Associate Professor, Composition and Rehtoric

Rosano, Michael
Associate Professor of Political Science

Paul Sunstein
LEO Lecturer II, Political Science

Stockton, Ronald
Professor of Political Science

Wayman, Frank
Professor of Political Science

Wright, Drew
LEO Lecturer II, Composition


Rushman, Michele
Administrative Assistant, Sr.

Student Assistant
Malak Nasser